How to Save Money on Summer Clothes

One common big summer expense is clothes. In summer, you need clothes that will help you keep cool. That means short sleeved shirts and more airy fabrics. It also often means buying swimwear. If you don’t have summer clothing on hand, it can cost a lot of money to stock the wardrobe of the whole family.

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Here are a few ways you can save money on summer clothes.

==> Go to Charity Shops

Charity shops like Goodwill or the Salvation Army frequently sell clothes at very, very low rates. You can often pick up summer clothes at a fraction of the price you’d pay at a retail store.

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==> Pass It Down the Family

If you have two kids, you can often pass one piece of clothing from the older sibling to the younger. The younger sibling might not necessarily appreciate it, but if finances are tight it might be what’s called for.

Try to mix it up so your kids get a combination of both new clothes and pre-owned clothes.

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==> If You Buy New…

If you’re buying clothes new, avoid higher end stores and stick to stores that cater to the lower end of the budget spectrum. For example, shop at the Gap or Old Navy rather than at H&M.

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==> Look for Sales

One big sale to look out for is the end of season sale. Right as summer comes along, many stores will quickly try to get rid of last season’s clothing. That’s prime time to swoop in and get great new clothes at a discount.

You might be thinking: “But those aren’t summer clothes.” That’s true, they’re not technically summer clothes. However, if they’re short sleeved, or if they’re made of airy materials, you can easily wear them in summer even if they weren’t part of the brand’s summer line.

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==> Go to Used Clothes Stores

Another place you can look is used clothes stores. These stores are usually a little more expensive than charity shops, but their clothes are of a much higher quality.

These shops basically buy clothes from other people, but only hand pick clothes they believe will sell. That’s why the clothes they carry are usually great. While it’s not Goodwill prices, you’re still usually looking at a 50% to 70% discount off retail prices.

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==> Try Shopping on EBay

Finally, if you can’t find great bargains in your area, you can try eBay.

As long as you know your size, you can often buy phenomenally cheap clothing on eBay brand new. It’s this cheap because the person selling on eBay has a direct connection with the manufacturer and is able to cut out the middleman.

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These are all ways you can save money on clothing this summer. Stocking up on summer clothes shouldn’t break the bank. With these tips, you’ll be able to dress yourself and your family for pennies on the dollar.

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