Save Money in Summer on Child-Related Expenses

A big part of summer expenses are going to be child related. They could come from having to pay for babysitters while you’re at work, since the kids aren’t in school. summer child expenses 1 280x300 Save Money in Summer on Child Related ExpensesThey could come from buying school supplies for next year. They could come from taking your kids on a vacation or the costs of sending them to summer camp.

Whatever the case may be, summertime can be a very expensive time to have kids. These tips will help you save money on all these kids-related expenses that come up in summer.

==> Take Advantage of School-Related Sales

summer child expenses 2 300x215 Save Money in Summer on Child Related ExpensesThere are two times of the year when stores all over the country have discounts for kids. These two times are the “End of School” discounts and the “Back to School” discounts.

Take advantage of these sales.

Generally, the bigger sale comes at the beginning of the school year. Staples, Home Depot, Toys ‘R’ Us and many other stores will have big discounts for kids. If you know you need to buy school supplies, wait until these sales to make your purchases.

On the other hand, a lot of stores (especially book stores) will have end of school year sales. If you’re buying used textbooks or used graphing calculators for example, the time to buy these is the end of the school year. By the time next semester rolls around, chances are the best deals will be gone.

==> Save Money on Childcare

summer child expenses 3 300x130 Save Money in Summer on Child Related ExpensesIf you have younger kids, you can save a lot of money on childcare by being diligent about costs.

If you’re looking for a babysitter online, make sure you use a site that does background checks and vets babysitters for you. Compare the rates of different sitters to see what the market rate is. Try to see if you can find someone who’s good, but is still quite affordable.

Even if you’re hiring someone you know or a friend of a friend, check what the market rates are anyway. It’ll help you figure out what to offer a friend.

Combine your childcare costs by sharing the expense with other parents. If you have one kid for example, you might have a couple other kids come over your house and share the cost of hiring a babysitter three ways.

==> Save Money on Family Vacations

summer child expenses 4 300x164 Save Money in Summer on Child Related ExpensesInstead of going on an expensive family vacation, be price conscious. Try to come up with ways to have a great summer, without having to spend a lot of money.

Organize water fights and BBQs. Or go on a road trip. Maybe you can go swimming at a beach your kids have never been to or take them hiking on a sunny day.

summer child expenses 5 300x207 Save Money in Summer on Child Related ExpensesThere are a lot of ways you can save money on child-related expenses in summer. Look for special sales, be diligent about childcare costs and cut down on your vacation expenses.

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