Save Money This Summer by Growing Your Food

One of the absolute best ways to save money in summer is to grow your own food. growing summer plants 5 300x218 Save Money This Summer by Growing Your FoodFood can be grown in more or less any season apart from winter. In summer, you have just enough time to plant crops like legumes that take about three months to mature, without the risk of your food getting ruined by the cold.

==> Can You Grow in Your Home / Apartment?

growing summer plants 300x200 Save Money This Summer by Growing Your FoodThe ideal place for growing your own food is naturally your own back yard, front yard or patch of soil. This will allow you to plant seeds the way mother nature designed them. They’ll be able to soak in water from the rain and soak in the sun every day.

What if you don’t have a garden? Don’t fret; you can still grow your own food. It’s a relatively new science called apartment gardening or window gardening.

growing summer plants 4 300x191 Save Money This Summer by Growing Your FoodAs the name suggests, this technology allows people to grow plants in their own apartments. You can just hang up a special contraption that drips water by your window, and grow plants from your window. This is called a hydroponic device, also known as vertical gardening.

Unfortunately, with vertical gardening plants only get sunlight for a portion of the day rather than the entire day. That can restrict some of the kinds of crops you can choose.

==> Decide What You Want to Grow

growing summer plants 3 300x194 Save Money This Summer by Growing Your FoodGrowing certain foods is very easy, while other kinds of foods is extremely difficult.

As a beginning gardener, you should probably avoid grains. Grains have a very specific harvest period and don’t produce continually. You plant it once, you harvest it once and you’re done for the year. If you miss the harvest, your entire crop is ruined.

Legumes on the other hand are extremely easy. They take about 2-3 months to mature. Once they’re mature, they’ll keep on producing all the way till winter. You don’t just harvest once; you get to keep harvesting again and again and again.

Most fruits require some sort of tree to grow on and can take a long time before a seed bears fruit. Most people who’re looking to save money now will want to avoid planting fruits.

growing summer plants 2 226x300 Save Money This Summer by Growing Your FoodGourds like squash and cucumber grow relatively quickly. In as little as a month and a half to five months, you can have a whole array of free vegetables.

growing summer plants 1 300x195 Save Money This Summer by Growing Your FoodGrowing your own food indoors or outdoors is a great way to save money. The trade-off is that it does take a lot of time and attention. If you don’t enjoy gardening, it’s probably not worth it. However, if you like the process and you enjoy learning about planting, gardening and harvesting, this can be a great way to both save money and learn a new skill.

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