Visiting Akkarena Beach Makassar

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This video was made when my family and me visited the Akkarena Beach Makassar.

Akkarena Beach is located at the left end of the map. I mean it’s located on the northwest of Sulawesi Island. Formerly this area was the ocean, with swamp in the edge. Several years ago this area was reclaimed to function as highways, commercial buildings, and other public facilities.

If you remember about the reclaimed problem in Jakarta Bay, which all its buildings do not have IMB. IMB itself is a requirement permission letter for people in Indonesia to build a building.

Well, in Makassar the reclamation was a sweet fruit even though it had been challenging and there was a demo. The area that connects Takalar with Makassar City was then given the name of Tanjung Bunga. If you are a resident of Makassar City or have visited here, you would agree that Tanjung Bunga is one of the good areas to live in Makassar. Tanjung Bunga housing itself is a targeted housing for the elite and middle class.

Akkarena Beach Makassar is sheltered under the management of Town Management Tanjung Bunga PT. GMTD Tbk (Gowa Makassar Tourism Development). The entrance ticketis Rp 20,000 for adults and 10,000 for children during weekend.

The beach itself is very short in my opinion. Here is also a meeting room …

This beach is often used as the location of the event or family gathering.

There are several games to ride here, such as children’s balloon house, car-n motorcycle mini ATV, which costs Rp 25,000 per game. In addition, there is also a jet boat n sailboat that I did not ask how much it costs.

There’s Dermaga Cinta.

Unfortunately the beach is unclean, apart from the black sand, the amount of garbage is also a negative value for this place. I wonder where rubbish coming from. It can be from the visitors, guards, or maybe from the other places around here, carried by sea water.

Because along this coast is another commercial place, so yach, there may be trash coming from somewhere else.

In Akkarena Beach area there are a number of food stalls with varied prices. I did not taste it because I had eaten at Pizza Hut.

It’s getting dark, and more people come… The come just to enjoy sunset by taking pictures or playing water. Mostly people take photographs here. The night has come and and we chose to find a new culinary. Okay, we will go to Gazebo Duck. You may read my reviews about this place.

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